Hindware  Snowcrest  36L  Air Cooler

Hindware Snowcrest 36L Air Cooler


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Hindware 36L Air Cooler

In The Box 1 Cooler
Brand Hindware
Model Name SNOWCREST 36-H
Type Room/Personal
Cooling Media Honeycomb
Number of Speeds 3
Blower/Fan Blower
Water Tank Capacity 36 L
Cooling and Heating No
Remote Support No

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Feature For Hindware 36L Air Cooler
Hindware 36L Air Cooler has a feature of Large Water Tank
This Orient Electric air cooler comes with a large 36-L water tank and delivers air up to 46 cubic meters, ensuring you can experience an efficient cooling performance at all times.
Hindware 36L Air Cooler has a feature of Honeycomb Cooling Pads
This air cooler features honeycomb cooling pads on three sides which help bring down the temperature of your room with ease. These honeycomb pads retain water efficiently, ensuring enhanced cooling performance.
Hindware 36L Air Cooler has a feature of Powerful Fan
Powerful Fan The powerful fan of this air cooler from Orient Electric delivers better air throw so your room is cooled quickly and efficiently.
Hindware 36L Air Cooler has a feature of Convenient Knob Control
Thanks to the dial knob controls, you can easily and effortlessly control the cooling of this appliance so you can enjoy an optimal cooling experience.
Hindware 36L Air Cooler has a feature of i-PURE Technology
With this appliance in your home, you will not only feel cool and comfortable but also breathe in hygienic air. This air cooler features the i-PURE technology, which also comes with multistage air purification filters, like the allergy filter, bacteria filters, smell filter, PM 2.5 wash filter, and the dust filter.
Hindware 36L Air Cooler has a feature of Cool Flow Dispenser
This 36-L air cooler from Orient Electric comes with a cool flow dispenser that evenly distributes the water so you can experience better cooling effects.
Hindware 36L Air Cooler has a feature of Automatic Louvers
You can enjoy even cooling throughout the room, thanks to the automatic movement of the louvers.

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Warranty For Hindware 36L Air Cooler
Warranty Summary For Hindware 36L Air Cooler
1 Year Brand Warranty
Covered in Warranty For Hindware 36L Air Cooler
Products are Warrantied Solely Against Poor Workmanship, Manufacturing Defects and Use of Faulty Material Only, Consequential Liabilities will Not Be Entertained, All Bajaj Products are Designed for Domestic Usage Only
Not Covered in Warranty For Hindware 36L Air Cooler
The Warranty Does Not Cover Accessories External to the Product. It Does Not Cover Demonstration/Installation of the Product Purchased
Warranty Service Type For Hindware 36L Air Cooler

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Recenty Asked Questions

What is air cooler?
Air Cooler is the unit for cooling the air supplied to a building or for dissipating the heat from machinery, furnaces, and other types of heat-producing equipment. Air coolers are used in ventilation and air conditioning systems for industrial, public, and residential buildings.

Working of air cooler
An air cooler works by evaporating the water. It lowers the temperature of the air using evaporative cooling. It is the addition of vapour in the air to reduce the heat. The energy needed to evaporate the water is taken from the air in the form of sensible heat, which affects the temperature of the air.

What is I pure technology
i-PURE is an innovative step in the world of air cooling which helps to prevent various air-pollutants from entering indoors. It deploys a set of filters, which work together to deliver coolest air, in its purest form.

What is desert air cooler
Desert coolers have cooling pads on its three walls which is continuously wetted by water (with the help of water pump). And it has a fan which sucks air from outside and throws it inside room.

What is Multi Stage Air Cooler
Multistage Air Purification means most of coolers come with i-Pure, a multistage filtration system that cleans a spectrum of airborne pollutants and harmful microorganisms. Each of the filters has a specific function and is powered with a specific technology that removes the impurities from the incoming air.
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What is Tower Cooler
Designed in a sleek and compact package, the Orient Electric Tower Air Coolers throw air at a higher point as compared to other coolers. These are best used in kitchens where the use of air conditioners is not advisable and the cooling from a fan won't suffice.

Why is Air Cooler better than Air Conditioner?
An air conditioner circulates the internal air of the room over and over again, whereas an air cooler pulls fresh air from outside and then cools it down. Also, air cooler doesn't make the air overly dry like an air conditioner. Because of the way it operates, an air cooler offers better quality of air for your room.

How much Electricity Consumes an Air Cooler?
Even if we compare electricity consumption, air coolers consume 80-90% less electricity as compared to air conditioners. In the example, a 1.5-ton AC would consume about 1.2-1.5 units in an hour, whereas an air cooler would consume just 0.2-0.3 units in an hour.

Disadvantages of Air Cooler
They are very noisy. It consists of two components fan and blower to circulate the air. They need Regular maintenance like cleaning of air coolers should be on a regular basis. Due to water evaporation it increases the air humidity in the humidity.

Can Air Coolers Work Without water
If there is no water in the Air Cooler, the pad will remain dry and the evaporation will not occur. As a result, the air released from the Air Cooler will be hot air only. To be precise, Air Cooler will work without water as a simple fan only. To get the cool air from the Air Cooler, supply of water is must.

Why Air Coolers are bad for heath?
During the runtime of air cooler, water evaporates and increase the humidity in the air. Increase in the humidity is much favorable conditions to increase bacteria, viruses, mold in the water. Because of this reason Asthma patients should be very careful about the usage of air cooler.
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What happen when we put ice into air cooler?
Adding ice to the water makes the pads cooler, resulting in cool air passing through them. In the long run though, adding ice will not help decrease the temperature or the humidity in the room. Adding too much ice can also cause the evaporation process to slow down, hampering the efficiency of the air cooler.

What Type of Air Cooler is Best for Rooms?
Therefore, room air coolers often find their best application in small bedrooms and kitchen or other similarly sized space. Both cooling technologies use evaporation for cooling the incoming air. Personal room coolers are more compact and portable whereas desert coolers for large rooms and halls are fixed units.

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What is the Advantages of Air Coolers?
Air coolers are much more energy efficient than air conditioners, making them cheaper to run in comparison with air conditioners. Modern air coolers also come with dust filters to filter dust and debris from the incoming air.

Which air cooler are best for Rooms?
Best Selling Air Coolers in India
Orient Electric 36 Litre Desert Cooler.
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AISEN Magna A55DMH500 55 Litre Desert Cooler.
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Maharaja Whiteline Rambo AC-303 65 Litre Air Cooler.
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Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre Air Cooler.
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Bajaj DC 2050 DLX 36-Litre Room Air Cooler.
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Vistara Scala Personal Air Cooler 30 Liter Air Cooler.
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Why Air Cooler is better than Fan?
Between these two, it is quite obvious that an air cooler provides much better cooling than a fan because it actually emits out cool air and not just circulate the air around. Also, while a fan covers a limited area of the room, air cooler uniformly distributes the cool air all over the room.
Do Air Coolers Cause Damp?
An evaporative cooler is more efficient to use than air conditioners. They do not make the air inside your home dry. But if your cooler is making the inside of your house too damp, it may cause a lot of damage and cause the device to use more power than is necessary.
How to Make Air Cooler More Effective?
6 Easy Tips to Make Your Air Cooler Perform Better This Summer

1. Proper ventilation in the room is the key to effective cooling.
2. Place your air-cooler in front of the window.
3. Add a chill pill to experience amazing cooling.
4. Ensure cleaning of air-cooler before using.
5. Handle with care to enjoy long-term cooling.
6. Saturating the cooling pads before use.
Is Air Cooler Bad for Babies?
Your air Cooler is safe for your baby as long as you don't neglect maintenance tasks and monitor the temperature and air quality in your home.
Where should I Place My Air Cooler?
The best place to position your air cooler is right in front of the window. Hotter the air, faster the evaporation and cooler the air blown out by the fan. It's also important to create good ventilation in the room to push the humidity out. In order to do this, you need to open windows in the room.
Do fans make a room hotter?
A fan is that it moves the air, which speeds up evaporative cooling on your skin as it dries up sweat. A fan doesn't drop the temperature in the room, it drops the temperature of your skin by evaporating sweat of your skin and cools your body. Fan doesn't give cool air directly.
How can I keep my house cool in high humidity?
A dehumidifier helps remove excess moisture from the air, which leaves you feeling cooler even in hot temperatures.
How do I reduce the sound of my air cooler?
Clean the water tank and check if there's any dust settled at the bottom or on the louver. Clean the fan blades if there is any dust on it. Disassemble the cooler any wipe all the interior from time to time. Also running the cooler with less fan speed reduces the noise.
How much temperature can air cooler reduce?
A residential cooler should be able to decrease the temperature of air to within 3 to 4 °C (5 to 7 °F) of the wet bulb temperature.
How do you clean air cooler pads?
If your cooling pads are intact and show no signs of mold or mildew, you can clean them instead of replacing them. To do this, remove the pad and use a vacuum cleaner to remove loose debris. Then place the pads on the ground outside and hose them off with clean water.
Does vinegar remove salt deposits?
Both efflorescence and calcium deposits can be cleaned using a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water. The acidity in the vinegar helps remove the efflorescence and calcium deposits by breaking down mineral crystals. After cleaning the surface, let dry for 48-72 hours (moisture content below 25%).
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